TOP Tips to Photograph a high level conference

– Find below some tips for photographing a high-level conference:

    1. Get the best angles but do not get in the middle of video cameras

      While high level speakers such as ministers and heads of organisations are used to photographers and are always more concerned of their speech, not being too visible is key: there are very often video cameras recording or streaming the event, and you need to avoid being in the middle. Once I get into a room, the first thing to check is where other cameras are located. The general rule is not be noticed (as much as possible).

    1. Bring extra batteries and memory cards
      As simple as this may seem, I know lots of photographers who get halfway through the day and beg for extra cards or batteries. I apply the airplane rule: planes are supposed to carry extra fuel to get them to another airport if they cannot land at the destination. I carry enough to cover twice the event I am shooting.

    1. Silent mode
      Newer pro mirrorless cameras have silent mode: The shutter can be completely disabled and the camera will be virtually silent. Have this feature in your quick access menu and use it if you think you are distracting a speaker or audience.

    1. Do not use the flash
      When photographing a speaker, this is forbidden: no matter the light conditions, flash is to be avoided. Today, high-end cameras can decently manage high ISO, provided you shoot RAW, so there is really no excuse. A flash popping at a conference is the sign of non-professional photographer or equipment. The only moment a flash is allowed is when you are photographing arrivals or casual encounters where the area is too dark, and the flash should point at the ceiling, never at the subject.Fin

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