Pro-Bono Photo Work In Barcelona

Pro Bono Work as a Photographer in Barcelona: when possible, I like to donate my time and learn a lot in the process

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I enjoy helping out foundation and charities. Firstly, they can be helped out, and my images can engage others to donate to these causes and make a difference. Secondly, since I got into photography to connect people around the world, therefore volunteerism makes all the sense to me. It is working all the same and aiming for the best shots.

Ultimately, I like the idea of contributing my professional skills to a worthy cause. Call me a soft touch, but I am a believer in pro bono karma. Among others, I have worked with Photographers Without Borders (PWB), Oxfam International and Intermón Oxfam.

Pro bono photography in Barcelona

Pro-Bono Photo Work In Barcelona: 2020/2021 COVID-19 UPDATE

Are you a small / new start-up in the Barcelona area born in times of the COVID-19 pandemic ? I believe you are as brave as it gets! If you need some professional photos, you are less than 1-year-old business and less than 3 staff members, I’d be happy to help you for free ! Whether you want them for social media, your website or other professional materials, contact me to schedule a free photoshoot. Of course, everything will be dealt strictly respecting the current law indications and security measures.

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