Useful Tips to Keep your Camera From Being Stolen

Creative ideas to avoid camera theft !

Track your stolen cam

airtag for camera strap

An Apple Air tag is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that can be located with your iPhone, iPad or Mac. This tracker can be embedded in your bag or even better in your camera strap! It has the perfect size to be sewed on the strap. I had mine sewed at a local shoemaker.

AirTag uses Apple's Find My network, which is made up of hundreds of millions of Apple devices. Let's say your camera bag is stolen and it had an AirTag attached: As soon as someone with another device on the Find My network, like an iPhone, crosses its path, the AirTag will communicate securely with the iPhone in the background to update the location of your lost keys.

Be Smart!

Your camera bag will likely be stolen when you leave it unattended, on a pit stop. If you are eating in a restaurant or terrace, always tie your bag to the table or chair. If you can, do not leave your gear in the car, either.

Insure Your Equipment

In Spain, some household insurance policies protect against theft of personal property even outside the home. Check with your insurance agent to see whether your DSLR is protected.

Track Your Serial Number

In Spain, It is unlikely that your gear will be recovered, but it does happen. Keep track of invoices and serial numbers of all your gear: If your lost/stolen camera is ever recovered by the Police, they won't know who to contact unless you provide that basic piece of information.

Tag your items

• Write your name, address, and phone number on a piece of paper/cardboard and photograph it - saving it to the internal memory of your camera (if it has internal memory) and lock the file.

• Leave your professional card in your bag. If you have lost your gear and not stolen, this will be how they contact you

• Bonus idea: if you travel with a laptop, add your name and phone number at login in and or place a sticker with your contact info.

Use Hotel Safes

Don't leave an expensive camera in your hotel/motel room : put it in their safe.