AI for event and corporate photography

Photo of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, using AI tool to efficiently remove unwanted noise

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How can AI improve your photography? Although cameras still do not include AI tools, many editing tools do include this technology. Some of the top options include Photoshop or Topaz Photo AI. These tools use artificial intelligence to assist with editing tasks, streamline workflows, and enhance creativity. These revolutionary technologies

AI tools are transforming the way photographers work, making their jobs easier and allowing them to produce higher-quality images with less effort.

Specifically, how can we use AI for event photography?

One key editing always needed for event photography is the possibility of removing noise without sacrificing important details, which creates a sharper and cleaner result. Since most events take place indoors and lighting conditions are not always optimal, removing unwanted noise has become easier than ever with AI Denoise tool or within the latest versions of Photoshop.

Batch editing
With tools such as Lightroom photographers have been able to impost images with recreated presets. Now with tools such as, images are automatically analysed, and it selects the most appropriate adjustments, allowing you to create stunning visuals with minimal effort. It works with credits, so the more you edit, the more you pay.

Image selection
Event and corporate photography is often A bulk photography projects
With software programs like AfterShoot, AI sorts through all images efficiently and identifies the bests ones, simplifies the general editing process.

Remove undesired shadows/ reds on faces
Event photography is often portrait photography, and light is not always flattering. With tools such as Retouch4Me (the name says it all) can help with face retouching.