Top ideas For Taking Better Event Photographs

Here are some ideas for nailing your shots and keeping clients happy. Read on!

Get close and get far: Move in close to your subject to capture details and emotions, and get far to get the full room. When you get closer, to do not shy and get you can get the best shot but always be aware not to get in the way, notably if there are cameras recording. 

Zoom in: Use a telephoto lens to zoom in on subjects and isolate them from the background and to avoid to get too close. 

Experiment with angles: Try shooting from high or low angles for a unique perspective. 

Consider the background or the foreground! Be mindful of the background and use it to add context to your photos or add an element in front to frame your images. 

Use natural light: Take advantage of natural light to create interesting and dynamic photos. Avoid flash not to disturb attendees. 

Candid moments: always look to capture candid moments, these show the true spirit of the event.

Edit selectively: Be selective in your editing, only make adjustments that enhance the photo, and always avoid over-processing or filters. Look for the natural/journalistic look.

image of event in barcelona

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