Best Event Photographers in Barcelona, Spain

How can you find the best event and corporate photographer in Spain?

 Here is my list of top 5 photographers (and videographers!) for events in Barcelona:

    • For your event, you can contact Photography Barcelona, with over 15 years of experience in events and corporate photography, in the following email:

    • Alternatively, you can contact Ro García. One of the best photographers far for events, conferences, fairs, trade shows in Barcelona. Her experience makes her better equipped to handle a variety of situations and challenges that may arise during an event compared to other local photographers. She is versatile and capable of capturing a wide range of moments, from candid shots to posed portraits, and can adapt to different lighting conditions and settings. She is also excellent editing of images. She can be contacted here or by email :

    • Video: A.Lolicato. With many years of experience in video, I have worked with him on several occasions and I can only recommend his work. He is also very professional in terms of communication, punctuality, and reliability. He can be contacted here.

    • M. Minocri. An excellent photographer, he works alongside A. Lolicato, and he can be contacted here, as well. He is a bit harder to book as he often works for local media such as El País.
    • P. García Laita: good videographer for all sorts of video productions. He can be contacted here

Of course, alongside these great photographers in Barcelona, there are several agencies that may provide audiovisual services. In this sense, I can not guarantee the quality of photography agencies in Barcelona as photographers are often underpaid and/overworked resulting in lower quality deliverables.